Below are some of the advantages you will receive when you build your website through us!

Quality Website Code

High Quality Website Code

The merits of a visually stunning website are evident, but what about all of the stuff that is going on “under the hood”? Your website will be developed using high quality, industry standard W3C HTML and CSS. This has a number of great benefits including:

  • Future compatibility. Technology changes quickly; solid, standards-based website code will ensure that you won't have to modify your website every time a new major website browser version is released.
  • Fast page loading. High quality website code will optimize the download size of your website. This means a smoother, more enjoyable experience for your visitors.
  • Enhanced scalability. Well structured website code also means that new website features and add-ons can be added quickly, and less expensively later on.
Accessibility Enhanced

Accessibility Enhancements Out of the Box

A modern website should do more than just look good; it should meet the highest standards in accessibility for seniors and the disabled. Your website will have the facilities to accommodate visitors who are blind, colour blind or do not have the vision they once had. As our population ages, this becomes ever more important.

We follow W3C WAI, and Section 508 approved production methods and standards to enhance website accessibility. Accessibility features can all be implemented without compromising the experience of your other users, and will make your online presence more accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Browser and System Compatibility

Extensive Browser and System Compatibility

Your website will be thoroughly tested for compatibility on all major browsers and across many platforms to ensure that it looks and performs great regardless of what software your visitors are using.

Tested and supported website browsers: Internet Explorer (versions 8 and up), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Tested and supported platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS X, Linux.

Search Optimized

Search Optimization Out of the Box

Have the tools to be one of the top search results when someone searches for your products or services. Your website will be developed from the start with search engine friendliness and compatibility in mind.

When you build your website from the ground up with, we will be able to implement a variety of search optimizations at the core level. This will give you a significant edge on your competition by assisting you in achieving the highest possible search engine visibility.

Security Conscious

Security Conscious Development Practices

As with any website located on the Internet, your website may be at risk from malicious attacks conducted by online vandals or criminals. The result of these attacks can annoy, or at worst, could compromise your website.

In this day and age, you need someone to keep on top of the latest issues in website security. You will directly benefit from our security knowledge and experience, minimizing these risks.

Guaranteed Quality

Support Guarantee after your Project Launch

As with all software projects, there is always the possibility of a defect appearing in the final product. Any software defects that appear will be corrected, free of charge, up to one full year after launch. Feel safe in the fact that you'll be taken good care of!

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